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Welcome, and thanks for stopping by.  Please feel free to contact me; I’d love to hear from you!  

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 A Little About Lynda Anne of Lynda Anne Art

Originally from Los Angeles, I now live across California, enjoying Nor Cal in the summers and the So Cal deserts in the winter, with a few pit stop in between. I found my artistic voice meandering between my early career in recreation and a later career in hospice as a Chaplain/Bereavement Counselor.   Through my own personal journey of renewal, and through the companioning of courageous grieving souls (of whom I am ever indebted), I have come to realize how important artistic self expression is to our spiritual development, growth and healing.   Expressing ourselves is healing.  Witnessing another human being’s journey through self expression is also healing.  Art heals.  It just does.


My passions, some of which include photography, drawing, gardening, painting, and wood work, are naturally my favorite sources of inspiration and renewal.  I fully embrace the philosophy of re-creating the mind, body, and soul through self-expression – and play!  Nothing is more descriptive of play to me than creating art.  Each of us enjoys the opportunity to – and faces the responsibility of  – exploring and implementing our own means of self expression.  My hope is that we can share, and grow, and companion with one another along the way.  


Thanks for reading all this!

REMEMBER: Be Your Own Canvas!

~Lynda Anne



4 thoughts on “Welcome, and Thanks for Stopping By!

  1. Imagine a chaplain calling harassing a pregnant woman and telling her she was sick for having children just because she’s white.


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